Dear V: Sharing is not caring …


Over the summer, I ended things with my boo thang. When we got back to Miami, things picked up right where we left off (the sleeping together part that is). About a month into it, I wasn’t sure where we stood in terms of exclusivity, so I asked him if he was still hooking up with other people. I hadn’t been with anyone else, so when he told me he’d been talking a stroll down Slutty Freshmen Street, I was hurt and told him I didn’t want to sleep with him anymore.

A couple of weeks have gone by and we’ve started talking again, as friends. Then I found out he has the nerve to tell my sisters I was crazy for cutting of all communication with him and not going to any of his parties.

I wasn’t about to go somewhere to watch the whore hook up with other girls, and I don’t like being called crazy. How do I respond to that?

Do I just sweep this under the rug and try to be friends? Should I say something to him? Am I smart enough to get away with murder?


Not Crazy In Love



Dear Pining Patty,

You should trust the instincts you had over the summer and let this guy go. A guy who doesn’t possess the self control to keep it in his pants, shouldn’t be taking up any of your time.

Let’s analyze this situation – the two of you got back from summer vacation, started hooking up again, and then he decided that didn’t mean the two of you were exclusive. While the two of you never had “the conversation,” common courtesy says that if you were an exclusive thing prior to the break, then you are an exclusive thing post-break.

I completely agree with you when you say that you didn’t want to go to his parties – it’s not your job to hang around him while he hooks up with other girls; that’s just awkward.

And if he’s talking to your friends about you behind your back, he’s literally a scum-sucking road whore and you should drop it like it’s hot. It is never okay for a guy to talk to your friends about you … unless he’s planning to buy you some very expensive jewelry and wants advice from your bests.

My advice – cut ties with this guy. He’s not worth your time or your heart.