Richter exhibit revives Miami’s past

“Southern Suns and Sky-Blue Waters” is not just the first line from the University of Miami’s alma mater but also the title of the new Homecoming exhibit in Richter Library.

The exhibit showcases athletics, student life and events on campus from the 1960s, 1980s and millennial years.

It includes nine glass cases and four wall panels spread throughout the first and second floor.

Students can peer in and read about artifacts, pictures and sports memorabilia that defined UM throughout these three decades.

“We wanted to have something that would attract both alumni and students and yet have topics that have to work together,” said Koichi Tasa, a university archivist for Richter’s Special Collections.

Tasa had three months to put the exhibit together. He used archived issues of The Miami Hurricane to depict each decade.

The issues helped put together the history of events like the building of Pavia Garage and Carni Gras before being replaced by International Week.

The displays also feature facts that are rarely known to students. Tasa wanted to highlight, for example, the female athletes such as basketball player Maria Rivera who set the record with 106 steals. Other less known sports records in swimming, diving, tennis, and track and field are mentioned.

The inspiration to include so many unknown facts about the university is for students who “10 years from now can see how this school used to be,” Tasa said.