Halloween Horror Nights completes a spooky weekend

I thought mutant ducks would be the scariest organisms I’d ever encounter when I first arrived in Coral Gables. What could possibly be more grotesque than a duck with red beads protruding from its beak?

But then, I went to Halloween Horror Nights — the scare-fest at Universal Studios. The second I got there, that’s when I saw them.

They were everywhere. Staggering around the park. Limping up to people with their dead, blank stares, foaming from the mouth. They would yell and scream and even try to gobble children’s brains.

Within the first five minutes of my arrival, one of them approached me, his eyes staring into my soul. He drew closer. And closer. And all of a sudden, he was a hair-length from my face.

And that’s when I decided to turn the other way and go check out the zombies. I mean, I didn’t come all the way to Orlando to have a staring contest with a Florida State fan, right?

In all seriousness, Halloween Horror Nights was a fantastic experience. Besides the abundance of Gator and Seminole enthusiasts, the park was brimming with zombies, haunted houses and gruesome displays of blood.

Of course, the scariest thing I encountered that Thursday of fall break was the score of the UNC game, but my heart was able to beat again once Dallas Crawford decided to play better than the entire Dallas Cowboys starting lineup. And I’m an Eagles fan, so you know I’m not biased.

Personally, I can’t decide what was the scariest haunted house: Resident Evil or Resident Assistant Evil. Sure, the first one had numerous deathly ghouls that lunged at me and tried to lure me into their rooms, but so did the other one.

Point being, Halloween Horror Nights has a great supply of exhibitions that adhere to the spirit of tricking and scaring. Even though I was so terrified that I revamped the adult-diaper business, it doesn’t matter, because Florida State fans should be even more scared for this Saturday.

Danny New is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism.