SG builds on completed initiatives

Happy Halloween! Welcome to the second edition of the monthly Student Government (SG) column. Just like last time, I’ll be talking about what SG is working on, initiatives we’ve completed and upcoming events.
We are starting “Lunch with the President.” Courtesy of the Rathskeller, students can have a free lunch with Bhumi on Fridays. To apply, email and let us know what you want to talk to Bhumi about.
I’m very excited to announce that SG Comes to U is Nov. 14. All of SG will be on the Rock from 3 to 6:30 p.m. You can stop by, learn how the different parts of Student Government work to improve campus, and pick up some giveaways. Then at 7 p.m. in Eaton 106, we are having “Eat ‘n Greet” (see what we did there?), which will be an open forum for students to express thoughts or concerns to SG so that we can work to fix them. There will also be plenty of food.
SG elections took place this month, and we’re happy to have a full Senate. Senators work to address the interests, wants and needs of students. Senate is working on an evaluation of the safety of San Amaro Drive by studying driving habits on San Amaro near the University Village and talking to students to determine if any changes need to be made to improve student safety.
ECO Agency is working on a High Water Line project, the purpose of which is to show projections of rising water levels in Miami. ECO will put lines on different parts of campus from Nov. 18 to 22 to show how high the water levels are expected to rise in the coming years. Members of ECO and Green team will be standing by the lines to explain what they represent and what we can do about it.
On Thursday, the women’s soccer team is playing Clemson at 7 p.m. Category 5 is sponsoring a costume contest for the game. The student with the best costume will win a prize pack from the athletics department.
Good luck to the football team this weekend. Beat FSU!