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November 30 , 2023

Create a costume

Halloween is fast-approaching, and most people have their costumes and plans set. But if you’re one of the few who still hasn’t decided what they’re going to dress up as this year, you might be stressing. Here are some easy and cheap costume ideas for the unprepared trick-or-treater.

1. Minions: Loved the minions from “Despicable Me?” Grab a group of friends and dress up in overalls, yellow T-shirts and black goggles. Tie a yellow handkerchief to your heads and get ready to take over the world, a la Gru.

2. Macklemore: For this genius costume, all you really need is a fur mink coat, $20 in your pocket and a broken keyboard. Take a trip to a local thrift shop and wear all the ridiculous things you can find. Nix the broken keyboard and try looking for your grandfather’s stylish velour sweatsuit from the ‘70s.

3. Clueless: In the mood to get as dolled up as Cher Horowitz? Put on your best red dress, a feather boa and heels. Top off the outfit with some shopping bags from upscale department stores and you’re dressed to play the part.

4. Target Lady from “SNL:” If you’re a fan of Kristen Wiig, there’s no doubt you’ve laughed hysterically at every “SNL” sketch with Target Lady. Grab a red vest and stick the Target logo on it; of course, it needs to be paired with a damn good impression of Wiig’s character. If you’re feeling ambitious, sport a short bob with bangs.

5. Baby North West: Want to be the richest baby in the world? Sport a pair of Kanye’s signature clubbing glasses, wear a pacifier, and attach a cutout of an “N” on a headband and a “W” on your left arm, indicating the north and the west, respectively. You’ll be looking like a $1 million (or really, $40 million to be precise – that’s the 4-month-old’s net worth).

6. Gatsby: Yeah, it might be overdone. But Leo inspired us all to keep the classic ‘20s-inspired look alive. Find a flapper dress at any local costume shop or put on your suit and tie. You’ll be the life of the party, old sport.

Stephanie Parra

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