‘Doctor Who’s’ David Tennant stars in bubbly British romcom

Decoy bride

The Decoy Bride  – Scotland/England – Netflix instant watch and Amazon Prime

“Doctor Who” fans who impatiently await David Tennant’s appearance in “The Day of The Doctor” late November may appease their apprehension by watching him star as a sarcastic, but (eventually) romantic best-selling writer in this Scottish-English romantic comedy that is more “com” than “rom.”

Like a Sunday morning that is bleakly aware of an impending Monday, the main character starts out rather regretfully as she is painfully reminded of her lack of prospects in her small Scottish island.

Yet, as the story progresses, she embraces her small town, compiling a second edition of the tour guide that until then had been used as toilet paper.

Though the movie plays with stereotypical foils – rich verse living-with-mother, bestseller verse independent-writer – it executes them with unabashed bubbliness in a setting that is unpredictable and hilarious.

Paparazzi dressed as monks, castles covered in feathers, and David Tennant in quill-and-ink-patterned boxers are just some of the quirky wonders of this light flick.