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Katy Perry presents new side in ‘Prism’

Pop princess Katy Perry has made her way back to the spotlight. She has managed to let the light shine through her talent, as made obvious by the release of her latest album, “Prism.” At the age of 28, Perry has demonstrated that she’s just like a classic, backless little black dress – business in the front, party in the back.

Perry’s album tackles breakups, and simultaneously talks about bubbly newfound loves. She discusses her independence, and how losing love helped her find the one person she should love most – herself. Her songs are as varied as the colors of a prism, which explains her choice of album name.

While “Teenage Dream” – the album Perry launched at the age of 25 – captured her chirpy innocence and colorfully sweet stage personality, “Prism” is able to echo the mood of the pop princess Perry. “Teenage Dream” had five No. 1 singles that landed on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. Though “Prism” hit stands Tuesday, the album is sure going to make a “Roar.” Just by the sounds of it, it’s certain that this album will become more popular than the “complete confection” collection that was Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”

The catchy tunes are all relatable to a large audience, especially because Perry does such a great job presenting the themes of lost loves, new loves and independence. With 16 tracks, there’s certainly several sounds that’ll catch your ear.

Here’s a list of five tunes that any “Katy Kat” is sure to treasure.

1. ‘International Smile’

DJ Mia Moretti, who remixed Perry’s “Teenage Dream” track, “Peacock,” is rumored to be the muse for this track. The trendy tune has a Daft Punk-like breakdown toward the end of the song, making it beyond likable for any pop music lovers.

2. ‘This is How We Do’

This youthful anthem is Perry’s own pop version of the Game’s tune by the same name. It’s almost like part deux of “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).” This track is fun, vibrant and reminiscent of Katy’s candy-like personality.

3. ‘Love Me’

Perry reportedly worked on half of the album while in Stockholm, where she created this track. The electro-pop track was produced by Bloodshy, the same producer who worked with Britney Spears to produce “Toxic.” The song is all about falling in love with yourself, especially after losing the person you loved most because of a bad breakup. Definitely a step up from “Roar.”

4. ‘Waling On Air’

Perry recently performed this song on “SNL” quite flawlessly. The song, reminiscent of an ‘80s top track, transports listeners to a time of side ponytails, neon skirts and lace socks. It’s a fun jam and fits quite nicely on the album.

5. ‘Dark Horse’  

This track is unlike anything recently released in the pop world. The tune resembles a rap song, except it has class. Though Juicy J’s cameo in the track is not reflective of his best work, it gives the song depth and a bit of street cred. He echoes Perry’s statements and reinforces her sentiments.

Stephanie Parra

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