Personal trainers offer free weight lifting class

If your answer to “Do you even lift bro?” is a confused and or terrified facial expression, your saving grace is just around the corner.

Personal trainers are offering free weight lifting classes at the University of Miami Herbert Wellness Center.

Originally geared towards females and freshmen, the class now targets anyone looking for clarification or assistance on proper weight lifting techniques.

The program is run by certified trainers at the Wellness Center, including Nicole McCullough, 20, an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and exercise physiology and health sciences major from Midland, Mich.

McCullough explained the basic structure of the weekly sessions.

“Each class consists of two lifts: one upper body and one lower body,” she said. “We discuss a fitness related myth and a cardio challenge for the participants to try on tier own as well. First we demonstrate and talk about the lift then have the participants try it themselves and we correct their form.”

“We teach the class so that people will know safe weight lifting techniques. We understand that the free weight section is intimidating for many so we offer this class to give our participants the confidence and skills to go into the free weight section and safely perform a lifting workout,” McCullough said.

Invitations are extended to participants of all experience levels.

“I attended the class because I saw a flyer in the Wellness Center bathroom. I thought it was going to be a big class full of expert weight lifters,” said junior Karina Rodriguez, 20, an industrial engineering major. “The class was great. It was two trainers per participant. I learned a lot about proper form and exercise ideas.”

The weight lifting sessions are offered 8 to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

“We understand that schedules are hectic in college so I would say that there are four opportunities to make it,” said McCullough. “Often times you can get one on one time with a personal trainer at no cost to the participant.”

“The trainers were fun and encouraging. There was both a female and male trainer, so it was great to get different perspectives on how to go about proper weight lifting. They made the class fly by,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is just one of many returning participants in this individualized and informational experience.

“I will attend another session because each week focuses on a different set of exercises. I plan on learning all that I can to improve,” she said. “I would definitely recommend this class to a friend. It is designed to help exercisers of all levels so everyone is welcome.”

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