‘Senna’s’ cinematography, characters seduce audience

Whether you recently went to see “Rush” and experienced the glory of Formula One racing or have never seen a checkered flag wave, “Senna,” a documentary on the career of the triple world champion Ayrton Senna, will have you hooked in no time. The Brazilian racing legend who first shook the world with his talent in the ’80s, described racing as an addiction. And after watching him in action and hearing him explain his experiences in historical footage, you too will start to crave the sound of rubber skidding on tight turns, of the stick shift changing gears, of engines rumbling excitedly.

More than anything, though, you will witness the star’s journey, through world fame, team tension and spiritual revelation. You will see the honesty in his eyes, visible even through his helmet, and understand why he insisted on truth in a sport that was too easily swayed by politics. You will see the determination in his sharp cheekbones – a determination which led him to revolutionize the standard of speed and agility.
The film may be a documentary, but it never feels like one. Every clip, every interview – all from the era – brings you into the action, more than a movie ever could. You feel like you knew him. Like you rooted for him every race that he won and suffered for him when his optimistic face was not alight with his disarmingly endearing smile.