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What does your shirt say about you?

At each home football game, Canes fans dress in green and orange garb to cheer their boys on at Sun Life Stadium. Although the student section evolves into a sea of orange, take a closer look, and you’ll find that students customize their game-day shirts to match their personalities. From traditional fans to those who are a little more crafty, there are many different ways students show their spirit. Here are some of the styles The Miami Hurricane has seen in the stands.

Traditional T-shirt

So you rep the tried and true of game day shirts? You are a genuine fan of the sport. Sure the pre-game events are a hoot, but that’s not the reason you come to Sun Life for every single home game. You’re more concerned with what the scoreboard looks like than what your shirt looks like. Everyone knows that when they’re too drunk to remember who scored a basket in which field goal, they can turn to you to set the story straight.

Bro tank

“Sun’s out, guns out,” the old saying goes, and football games are no exception. You’ve obviously been putting in your hours at the gym, and when you’re surrounded by thousands of your friends and peers, what better way to show off your progress than by ditching your sleeves. If you’re truly as jacked as you think, admirers will surely flock to you to cozy up into your arms and take a game day snapshot.

Slits up the side

This look is a rare sighting, as it takes more than 30 seconds to assemble. This is the ultimate hipster look. Not only are you smart enough to know that the Miami sun will make you want to take off your clothes, but you’re smart enough to realize that by simply cutting slits up the sides, you have created instant ventilation. Pair this look with a pair of high-waisted shorts and combat boots to top off your football-chic ensemble.

Fringed bottom

This particular style is very popular at football games, partly because it allows for a nice breeze, but also because it’s a great way to show some extra school spirit. Cut slits up the bottom of your shirt, stretch them out and finish them off by tying some orange and green beads to get the complete tribal vibe. Rock a colored headband across your forehead, and you’ve successfully accomplished the UM Pocahontas Princess look for your next tailgate. Pair your customized tee with some high-waisted shorts and orange flats, and you should be ready to go.

Crop top

The biggest advantage to this look is that it’s simple and takes almost no time to make. If you’re looking to show off your washboard abs and sun-kissed Miami tan, the crop top is the perfect style for you. Measure about half an inch above your belly button and chop away. You have now customized your shirt in less than 10 minutes of work. Do as you please with the sleeves and collar, but if you’re really committed to showing skin, cut the top of the shirt tank top style (see bro tank).

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