Zedd takes Miami, impresses crowd with Nintendo graphics

All-ages EDM concerts in South Florida are filled with jailbait wearing close to nothing and awkward middle-aged men creeping around. This was no exception for Zedd at the Fillmore on Friday.

The Moment of Clarity Tour kicked off in Boston on Aug. 27 and made its ninth stop in Miami. The openers for Zedd were Alex Metric and Oliver.

Oliver is an L.A.-based producer/DJ duo, Oligee and U-Tern. They recently played Hard Summer and Electric Zoo music festival.

Oligee is from L.A. and comes from a music background: His father is a record producer and his mother is part of the L.A. orchestra. When Oligee was 5, he began to play the piano and then started playing guitar when he was 11.

U-Tern didn’t come from a family with this background, however. He is from Vancouver and started playing with turntables when he was 15. He also went to audio engineering school.

Hip-hop is what brought the pair together. They both started making hip-hop tracks and now produce EDM.

As an opener for the tour, they warmed up the crowd with their combination of fast-paced dynamic beats and heavy drops, which made the audience lose control.

“You are the best crowd yet,” Oligee said. He made an “O” with has hands and by the time the set was coming to an end, nearly everyone was making an “O” in the air.

During the wait for Zedd, the young ragers checked their Instagrams and compared the number of likes on each of their pictures and videos from the concert. Their friends, who were right next to them, all had the same pictures and videos.

As soon as Zedd started making his way to the booth, half-naked fan girls rocking their neon “Rage” and “Molly” snapbacks started uncontrollably screaming and jumping for the popular 24-year-old producer. He opened with “Spectrum,” and everyone without a care danced and sang along.

The visuals for his set were amazing. There were two large screens. One was on the booth and the other, behind him. The signature Zedd “Z” would appear every few minutes alongside his colorful, odd and obscure visuals.

When he dropped “The Legend of Zelda,” the visuals featured the Link, the protagonist of the Zelda series, walking and swinging his sword through the fictional kingdom of Hyrule.

The loudest fangirl screams began when he dropped “Clarity.” Some had tears streaming down their face as they sang along and grinded with their buddy of the night. Romance is romance, even if it’s drug-induced.

“I want everyone to sing along,” Zedd told the young ragers as he played “Spectrum” for the last time. No one had a problem listening to Zedd’s command. After the song, he got off stage. The crowd begged and yelled, “One more song!”

Zedd couldn’t resist. He played two songs and ended with his remix to “Alive” by Empire of the Sun. The chorus goes, “Loving every minute ‘cause you make me feel so alive.” Everyone above and below the age of 18 was feeling alive after experiencing possibly one of the best EDM concerts at the Fillmore in a while.