Staff Editorial 4/22: Fans find comfort in communities

The world we live in assumes that our generation is not connected to anything but technology.  But social media has changed how we connect with our interests ­– our favorite television shows, celebrities, bands, movies, anime and sci-fi.

Fandoms allow us to find like-minded people on sites like Twitter and Tumblr. This sparks more than just an obsession over our passions. It creates friendships and a community in which we can feel OK about our interest, which other people may not relate to.

This subculture of fandoms creates an outlet in which people don’t have to worry about what appeals to others.

These communities ensure people don’t have to explain why they like One Direction, Harry Potter or “Gossip Girl.” They fit right in.

It isn’t just belonging to a fandom that creates this sense of commonality among us. Being a fan of anything, whether you’re part of the fandom, still allows you to form connections with other fans.

Everyone has something they are passionate about. No matter where your interests may lie, following books, people and shows through social media has become an innovative way to express yourself.

Part of the appeal is that it allows us to immerse ourselves in our interests and to experience something different from our everyday lives.

It’s deeper than knowing every detail of a pop star’s life or every line in a book, it’s about relating to other people.

These interests represent themes that we hope to carry out in our lives. And in many instances, these interests represent what we aspire to be.

“Gossip Girl” fans love Blair Waldorf and admire her ability to be independent, strong and fashionable. Harry Potter fans admire J.K. Rowling’s creativity and the friendship Harry, Hermione and Ron share.

These pop culture interests are an excuse to come together in a more personable, real and riveting way. So grab your wands, your trendy headbands and whatever makes you beautiful, and stay true to who you are.


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