Rejuvenate life with a new perspective

In light of recent shootings and hazing incidents at universities across the nation, it seems that faith in the human species has been dwindling. We dwell on these major events that damper our dispositions, while failing to acknowledge the miniscule details we take for granted in our everyday lives.

Humans are a good and progressive race. Our evolution from cavemen sans civilizations to technologically savvy cosmopolitans is a miracle in and of itself. We are more connected than ever before as globalization continues to defeat the barriers of time and space. Our abilities and opportunities are infinite. Material goods are not the only things that can enable us to lead positive lifestyles.

Every morning when I wake up, I glance out my window that overlooks Cobb Fountain sprinkling over Lake Osceola. I smile at the fact that I have the opportunity to receive my education in 75-degree sunshine with a light breeze. This of course is my go-to reminder whenever I find myself down. I just remember, “I live in beautiful Miami.”

As a member of UM’s Band of the Hour and a pledge of Zeta Tau Alpha, I am proud of the fact that our university is not subjected to these hazing incidents.

Throughout the day, I try to smile as much as possible, crack a couple of jokes and recognize little things that I enjoy. I’ve found that living like this helps me have great days and sometimes even brighten others’ days.

I challenge you to look around and find one thing every day that makes you smile. Remember these things when our nation’s heart is broken by shootings. Remind others of these things when they’ve hit rock bottom. When you’re feeling down and out, find the silver lining and add them to this list.

Don’t just look on the bright side. Live on the bright side.


Jordan Coyne is a freshman majoring in journalism and international studies.