Bowl ban dampens Cane pride

The only way to salvage the long, excruciating 90-degree Miami winter, is to have the University of Miami beat down some hopeless team in a bowl game. Yeah right.

UM’s administration put a bowl ban on the football team for the second year in a row. So instead of cheering on the green and orange to victory, the most excitement Canes fans had this bowl season was watching the Gators lose in the Sugar Bowl, which was actually pretty satisfying.

It isn’t like Miami had an amazing team this year, but I would have rather become a couch bum and watched them have a chance to win the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl rather than go to Santa’s Enchanted Forrest for the 18th time. It’s not that I don’t like that ghetto North Pole, it’s just that I feel like I will either die from falling off a ride, or die from a disease I catch from not wiping off the seat of the ferris wheel before I sit down.

If the U didn’t ban themselves from the postseason they would have had a shot at the ACC Championship and even a BCS Bowl berth. Instead, all South Florida and Miami fans are forced to hear about how great it is that Alabama and Notre Dame played for a title in our backyard. As much as I love Nick Satan … I mean Saban, there’s a part of me that wishes I didn’t have to type in “2002 National Championship” on YouTube to see the Hurricanes in a big game.

But, I can’t complain that much. I would take the sunny beaches of South Florida over the frozen wasteland of Indiana and the tumbleweeds of Alabama any day. That may be a little overdramatized. I haven’t been to either of those places. By now, this must sound like an obnoxious fan whose team doesn’t have anything worth bragging about in the past 10 years – so basically a Notre Dame fan before this season.

So while I watched the Little Caesars Bowl game between two colleges that have a total combined enrollment of 800 students, I hoped for next season. In just one year, all of Al Golden’s ties will be freshly dry-cleaned, and hopefully the 60-year-old Ray Lewis will inspire the team to play like the old days.

There is hope for Hurricane football in 2013, but for now I’ll just sit here with my spiked eggnog and relive the glory days. There is a good chance Larry Coker and Ken Dorsey are doing the same thing.


Kyle Rambo is a junior majoring in math education.