MTV’s “The Buried Life” to visit UM’s campus

The stars of MTV’s reality documentary series “The Buried Life” are coming to UM’s BankUnited Center Fieldhouse Nov. 14 at 8 p.m. in an event organized by Student Government (SG).

Ben Nemtin and Duncan Penn, two of the four Buried Life cast members, will share the story of how they created a bucket list of 100 things they want to do before they die. For every item on the list they complete, the boys help a stranger accomplish a personal goal as well.

This is a follow-up to last fall’s PostSecret event, in which the creator, Frank Warren, talked about the success of his books and connected his work to suicide prevention.

“After seeing the amazing success of that program and the student response to it, Student Government decided that creating the tradition of having a fall speaker event would be great for the campus,” said Bhumi Patel, the SG executive-at-large external.

Looking to bring in guests whose message would have a component that connects to UM, Patel realized that the concept of “The Buried Life” lent itself to the idea of a UM bucket list.

Like with the PostSecret event, SG is organizing an interactive project by asking students to submit cards that will be on display. But this time instead of deep, dark secrets, students will share the items on their UM bucket list – things like taking President Shalala’s healthcare policy class or singing karaoke at the Rat – that they hope to cross off before graduating.

“I brought it up to the executive board, and they agreed to the idea of an upbeat, exciting event that students can relate to, and have a component of the UM bucket list related to it, which makes the program more interactive and enticing to students,” Patel said.

Nemtin and Penn will talk about why it is important for people to follow their dreams and how they can go about doing so, according to Patel.

“I hope that, from the event, students gain perspective on their lives, especially their four years at college,” Patel said.

Ticket distribution begins Monday. Tickets are free to all UM undergraduate students, but a limited number are available.

Undergraduate students must present their Cane Cards when picking up tickets at the UC ticket window. If space permits, graduate students will also be allowed free entry on the day of the show.