New club gets members’ motors running

Canes can now strap on their helmets and ride their Harley Davidson bikes to the next meeting of the recently-founded Descendants Motorcycle Club.

The club, which is up-and-running after about a year of work, aims to gather motorcycle enthusiasts among the university’s student body and faculty through a recreational club, President Michael Critch said.

Vice President Enrico Dominguez heard a motorcycle club was in the works from the Student Activities staff when he applied to start his own.

“I contacted Mike Critch, who was the active president, and asked him if he would mind taking on my logo and name, and I would get involved and help promote the club,” Dominguez said. “We teamed up and are making it happen.”

Interested members that do not ride motorcycles can join the club, learn to ride through classes and get licensed through the state of Florida.

The club’s executive board members can also help students choose their first bikes.

“It can be intimidating trying to get into motorcycling, but I think with joining this club we can help more people discover the thrill of motorcycling,” Dominguez said.

The club’s goal is to promote motorcycling as a fun recreational activity by providing information on rides in the community, local events, club meetings, licensing opportunities and safety awareness.

“It is important for our university to have an organization that promotes this alternative form of transportation, and encourages students and faculty that choose to ride rather than drive,” Critch said.

Through group rides, members can rack up the mileage on their bikes, gain experience and find new friendships along the way.

“You’re not just joining in an activity,” Critch said. “You’re also becoming a part of a passionate community of people who are dedicated to the experiences that motorcycling provides.”