Live your one life responsibly

You’ve probably heard Drake’s “The Motto” which repeats you only live once (YOLO) several times. Now, everyone’s shouting out YOLO.
YOLO is in a sense this generation’s “carpe diem.” While taking advantage of what life has to offer is important, some people may be taking YOLO too far.
It has become common to use YOLO as an excuse to make decisions. Some people go around using it to explain rash choices they’ll probably regret later.
We have to enter the professional world one day. Every action has a consequence. I like to follow a lesser-known trend, YOGO, which stands for You Obey God Only. A rapper named Jin created a song entitled YOGO in response to Drakes song “The Motto.”
Whether you believe in YOLO or YOGO, you need to live responsibly.

Taylor Duckett is a freshman majoring in political science.