School of Communication’s Faculty Senate removes second major requirement

School of Communication students will no longer have to complete a second major in order to graduate.

Instead, undergraduates will have several options. Those who choose not to complete a second major must complete a minor, either at the SoC or at another school or college.

The students who choose to complete a minor within the SoC  must choose one outside of their major areas.

Students will still be able to complete a second major if they want and will not have to complete a minor if they do so.

Eva Alonso, the director of academic advising at the SoC, has noticed that about 75 percent of the students she advises have decided to complete their second majors.

“Reactions have been positive,” she said. “I haven’t really gotten any negative feedback.”

According to Sigman Splichal, an associate professor for journalism, most communication schools do not require a second major.

However, he does encourage students to pursue a second major because it will force them to “analyze and think critically.”

Sophomore Ally Levy previously had four majors – biology, marine science, motion pictures, and broadcast journalism. Now, she plans to turn her motion pictures major into a minor.

“I’m super excited,” she said. “This change makes my schedule less hectic. I can also graduate on time. With a minor within the comm school, I still have a background in the subject but take less credits.”

Senior Neil Gershon does not “have any hard feelings.”

“The requirement made me try art, and it helped me develop my creativity for motion pictures,” said Gershon, who is majoring in motion pictures.

However, public relations major Molly Coller would not have completed her second major in psychology.

“I was stuck with a major I didn’t love,” she said. “I would have liked to minor in motion pictures to get into event planning for film.”