New Butler Center staff aims for larger presence on campus

The new staff at the Butler Center of Volunteer Service and Leadership Development plans to re-energize the center this semester with a new logo and a stronger online presence.

Butler Center Director Andrew Wiemer and Assistant Director Sarah Ho, who took over last fall, have embraced the Internet to inform students of volunteer and leadership opportunities.

“We do not have official publications for the center, so having social networking sites and the newsletter is necessary to help us promote awareness and keep the community updated,” Wiemer said.

Lila Albizu, a senior and student assistant at the Butler Center, has been working on relaunching “The Butler Connection” with fresh features, graphics and organization. The newsletter will be available exclusively on the Internet.

“For an entire year the newsletter died down,” Albizu said. “My job is to make its comeback a success.”

The Butler Center is also using a new logo featuring the university’s mascot, the ibis, a marsh bird that stays to warn other wildlife when a hurricane approaches.

“Including the ibis in the new logo was extremely important because it is a true reflection of a citizen leading the community in times of need,” Albizu said.

The center also plans to focus on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

The staff aims to continue the growth of the Butler Center by promoting awareness and involvement.

“With the newsletter, new logo and various social networking sites, the Butler Center is working to become a major component to the UM campus,” said Randall Seenandan, another student assistant.

The center, established in 1989 and named for former Vice President of Student Affairs William Butler, is now home to about 40 student service organizations, including Relay For Life, Orientation Outreach, Marine Mammal Stranding Team and Project Sunshine.

For more information on the Butler Connection and Center, please visit or follow them on twitter @ButlerSLC_UM.