Exchange program offered at French university

A new undergraduate exchange program is available for students at four of seven different locations in France at the College Universitaire de Sciences Po.

The classes that will be offered in English are located on the Paris, Reims, Menton and Le Havre campuses, said George Primov, the program’s academic director in the department of sociology.

The College Universitaire de Sciences Po is a prestigious French university that specializes in the social sciences, including economics, sociology, political science and history. Students interested in applying, however, can be from any field.

“The university is one of the top five or six universities in Paris,” Primov said. “This makes the program unlike other universities.”

The campus in Paris is the largest of the four campuses and is located in St. Germain, one of the more expensive neighborhoods. Though the area is beautiful, finding affordable housing might be an issue. However, there are offices at the university that help students in finding apartments. Requests for housing assistance for a fall semester must be made before April and before October for a spring semester. The other campuses are smaller, with only several hundred students.

“If I could choose, I would go to Menton,” Primov said. “It is on the French Riviera and is an easy distance of Nice, Monaco and Italy.

Tuition will be the same as if still attending UM. Additional fees include housing, a fee for health insurance, airfare and additional living expenses.