Super Bowl is a collection of great storylines

What is the one day, every year, that men jump and scream so loudly you swear they’re trying out for the Spartans?

It’s not the first day of vacation. It’s not the day they get their Christmas bonuses. It isn’t even a holiday. The first Sunday in February is every man’s dream. The big screen TV, BBQ wings and did I mention the Super Bowl?

Sunday was Super Bowl XLVI. The New York Giants and the New England Patriots went head to head in an all-or-nothing attempt at winning what most men describe as the best event in professional sports.

A few months ago, I started dating someone I met at work. From the beginning it was clear that he was an avid football fan. Now ladies, there are two ways to a man’s heart: food and sports. So, I started researching this foreign sport and found myself confused. Between the rules, conferences, players, team rivals, rituals, history and gossip, I wanted to throw in the towel.

This NFL season was nothing short of a whirlwind, filled with upsets and rising underdogs. All the excitement is a lot to take in for someone who hasn’t been following this season. Here are some reasons why this year’s Super Bowl was so intriguing: Rematch.

The Patriots have developed a dynasty, and have made an appearance in six recent Super Bowls and won three. Their last appearance was 2008, and they lost to the Giants. New England was undefeated and favored to win the game, which would’ve made them the first champions ever to go 19-0, but the Giants pulled off the upset, thanks to a catch by a player no one had heard of. The Patriots were seeking payback for the Giants wrecking their perfect season. Sounds like an episode of Jersey Shore to me.

The Patriots’ quarterback is Tom Brady. You probably know who he is because even straight men think he’s hot. He’s the youngest person to win three Super Bowls, a two-time MVP and considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time. His arch nemesis is the equally-talented Peyton Manning, the quarterback for the Colts. Peyton’s younger brother, Eli Manning, is the quarterback of the Giants. To make things crazier, this year’s game was played in Peyton’s home stadium.

As the camera panned to players and coaches on the sideline during the national anthem, we saw the prideful faces of people realizing their childhood dreams. Collectively, they wrote a script that earned them the right to play on one of the world’s largest stages. They had no idea how the story would end, but as the last note of the anthem faded into the swelling roar of the crowd, they knew the next three hours were ones they would remember for the rest of their lives.

That was my favorite part.

One thing I don’t think I will ever understand is why guys wear football jerseys during the game. It’s like if I dressed up as a surgeon to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” … just saying.


Brandy Caballero is a sophomore majoring in media management.