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French pop star returns to Miami

Courtesy Yelle

You don’t need to know French to jam out to French pop sensation Yelle, who will return to Miami to perform at the Fillmore on Miami Beach Dec. 2.

Yelle is a group composed of Julie Budet and producers GrandMarnier and Tepr.

The Miami Hurricane: Are you excited to come back to Miami during Art Basel to perform again?

Yelle: Last time we played in Miami it was such a crazy night. I’m really excited to be back in Miami.

TMH: What do you get most excited for when you are on tour?

Yelle: I think it’s just to meet different people every night. It’s always funny and it’s always different. We have the chance to travel in a minivan. It’s funny because we can make stops in truck stations and have dinner in weird places. It’s a really cool way to discover the USA. We really like that – just meeting people and they give us different visions of your country. It’s a really crazy and good experience.

TMH: How do American fans stock up to other fans?

Yelle: They are not shy and I like that. Sometimes in other countries people need time to express themselves and to get into the music because sometimes they understand the lyrics so they are more focused on it. Because people, they don’t understand, they just want to enjoy so they give a lot from the beginning to the end. It’s something very cool for us to see how the American crowd is generous and not really shy, and I like that.

TMH: Do you have any pre-performance rituals or superstitions?

Yelle: I’m always doing the same ceremony. I’m always doing little moves to get my body ready and my voice, too. We do this little thing with the guys. It’s just to say, “Enjoy the moment, give pleasure to the people and take lots of pleasure tonight and let’s go!” It’s just a little thing but it’s really important to us. I can’t get on stage without saying this little prayer. It’s really important for me.

TMH: For those who don’t speak French and still love your music, what is your overall message in Safari Disco Club?

Yelle: We still want to express something really positive. We still enjoy life and we want to express that. The fact that we want to be alive and to have love in our lives. But maybe we are a little bit more aware with what’s happening. On this new record we try to talk about different stuff. On “Mon Pays” we try to talk about the fact [that] sometimes you want to just leave your place. You are bored with your city and you just want to move on and meet new people, new cultures. You have this heartbreaking situation because you can’t leave your family and friends. It’s a hard situation. We are always on tour and not at home.

TMH: Do you think girls with short hair have more fun?

Yelle: Probably yes. I like the fact that it’s risky. You cut your hair and it’s something really hard to do. For me it’s kind of easy. The long hair is awful on me so I have to deal with short hair. You know, the fact that you have long hair and you can cut it. You did it! You changed something. I think it’s a really good thing.

Marlena Skrobe
Marlena Skrobe
Co-Photo Editor

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