Changing it up for winter weather

Lyla Yaner, a senior studying music therapy, poses with her guitar. Katie Sikora//The Miami Hurricane
Lyla Yaner, a senior studying music therapy, poses with her guitar. Katie Sikora//The Miami Hurricane

As we say our goodbyes to October and welcome November, it’s time to start thinking of changing up our wardrobe. It’s that inevitable time of the year when our mornings are comprised of a chill, requiring a jacket, turtle neck, jeans, boots and scarf – well, this may be a bit of an exaggeration – all to be torn off when the sun positions itself at noon and there’s no escaping the usual Miami heat. Of course, this only lasts until 4 p.m., when the sun subsides and you begin layering once again.

Even for the Miami native, it’s difficult to know how to dress during this time of the year. You want to be bundled up to avoid the cold (well, at least that’s what we Miamians consider it to be), but still wear light and easily removable clothes as we get our daily dose of heat.

So, here are a few tips to deal with the bipolar weather you’ll be facing for the next four months or so.

1) A cardigan! This applies to everyone. It’s the perfect clothing item to keep you feeling warm and stylish on chilly mornings. Once the heat sets in, it’s easy to remove, fold and store away in your purse or book bag.

2) Boots! Combat boots are especially in style this season for both men and women, not to mention that they’re an easy way to keep your feet covered from the chilly weather without keeping you too warm. Did I mention they’re super comfortable?  When investing in a pair, I highly recommend turning to popular brands, such as Steve Madden, Bakers, Zara,  H&M and Forever 21, to avoid buying a pair that actually looks like they belong on a battlefield.

3) A light scarf! Scarves are always a fun accessory, and they can dress up any outfit instantly. Throw it on over a T-shirt and jeans when you’re running late (and your combat boots), and you’ll look put together for the rest of the day. And if it gets too hot, just take it off and store it away in your book bag or purse.

4) Sunglasses! Hey, we’re the Sunshine State after all! In Miami, unlike various cities, the sun will always be present (even on those rare 50 degree days), which means you should have your sunglasses on you at all times.