Staff editorial 11/10: safety is in your hands

As Internet sensation Antoine Dodson said, “He’s climbin’ in yo’ windows and snatchin’ yo’ people up.” While people may chuckle at Dodson and his unique demeanor, home (and dorm) invasion is nothing to laugh about.

The incident that occurred in Mahoney Residential College last Saturday night is a sobering wake-up call that break-ins do indeed happen, and that living in the dorms does not guarantee your safety. The security personnel do what they can, but the system is by no means foolproof when it comes to outsiders getting in after hours.

Students can sign guests in, allowing them into the building, and it is not uncommon for someone to sign in a complete stranger. It hardly seems necessary to point out that this is not the best idea. That stranger might not be as innocent as he or she looks.

Although intruders are definitely something to watch out for, students need to be wary of fellow dorm residents as well. Precautions beyond the security desk need to be taken. It’s risky to go to sleep without locking the door; leaving the door unlocked means leaving yourself and your belongings at the mercy of whomever wants to come inside.

That being said, the perpetrator in the Mahoney incident has no excuse for what he did. Such behavior is unacceptable, unlocked doors or not. The victims did the right thing in contacting authorities immediately.

While dorm residents shouldn’t have to worry about things like this, they’re facts of life. Home invasion occurs outside of college as well, and students should start preparing for this harsh reality. Lock your door, keep an eye on your belongings and listen to Dodson: “Hide ya kids, hide ya wife and hide ya husband.”

But really, be safe.

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