Staff editorial 10/20: Greeks face unfair restrictions

The Dean of Students Office at the University of Miami have issued a new policy that will limit all students attending parties on Frat Row to bringing a four-pack of beer, as opposed to the previous regulation of a six-pack or more. The University hopes that, by limiting drink intake to one alcoholic beverage per hour, they will prevent binge drinking. Kegs, punches and drinking games, like beer pong, are also forbidden.

This new policy is an addition to the previously-set regulations, which include a prohibition on fraternity hosts providing alcohol to their attendants and extending the party for more than four hours. Furthermore, the hosts are required to station a police officer outside of the party and have someone verify IDs at the door.

The University justifies its new legislation by stating that these restrictions will ensure the safety of its students. However, these policies will surely be difficult to monitor, so it seems a bit unrealistic to hope that they will be successful. This new regulation may incite others to throw these same “dangerous” parties at off-campus locations.

The truth is, these restrictions are being imposed in order to protect students. But should this regulation solely target Greek organizations?

It’s unclear why fraternity houses are put under such limitations when the Rathskeller, which is located right at the heart of campus, is not facing similar restrictions.

What makes drinking at the Rathskeller safe? Students can sit at the Rathskeller and drink all day if they choose to, though it’s written in UM’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook that the manager and employees decide when someone has consumed too much alcohol.

If the University is going to put a limit on drinking, it should be applied to campus as a whole. Although Greek life may be stereotypically associated with excessive alcohol consumption and partying, it is unfair to target them specifically.

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