Disaster relief should not be bargained

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, which devastated several areas on the East Coast last month, many Republicans, led by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, wanted to offset disaster relief to victims of the hurricane with cuts elsewhere in the government’s budget.
Sure, they want to be fiscally responsible, but what about morally responsible? Whatever happened to that compassionate conservatism that Republicans have long preached? I highly doubt that Jesus Christ would hold a ransom like this.
Disaster relief should never be a bargaining chip in some political game. Some Democrats in the past have held similar positions, and they, too, deserve criticism.
I sat around for weeks without writing about the issue and thought that it would blow over. However, the House Tea Party nutcracks are at their antics again, believing that their victory in the last election cycle is an absolute mandate to tear down all forms of government spending and restructure the United States to make it more like that of the 1920s.
Of all things, don’t play cheap games like you’ve been playing. Make the right decision, and we can go back to matters that are more appropriate to debate.

Gaurav Dhiman is a senior majoring in biology and political science.