Funky fall trends

As fall approaches, we start to notice changes in fashion with various summer trends continuing through the fall. Feather and glitter hair extensions, daring makeup and funky manicures are all the rage this season.

Sometimes a girl needs to make a drastic change to her look. Although changing your hair color might be the ideal way to do it, this can sometimes result in permanent damage.

Luckily, feather extensions are the perfect way to get a little daring with color without damaging your hair, especially for those with darker hair. It’s the perfect way to mix up your style; not to mention they’re offered in a variety of colors from solids to neons, including blue, pink, yellow, purple, red, green, brown and black. Lasting anywhere from two weeks to nine months, feather extensions are semipermanent and can endure blowdrying, flat ironing or curling on a daily basis.

Not a fan of feathers? Not a problem. Opt for glitter extensions instead. Applied in the same manner and as durable as its feathery relative, you’ll be sure to shine everywhere you go.

Manicures are also becoming a fashion statement. Stepping away from the standard solid colors, this fall it’s all about mixing colors, prints and strips to create a unique look.

First things first, square nails are out, and long and rounded nails are in — if you don’t like long nails, just keep them short and rounded.  Next time you pay a visit to the salon, be a little daring. Ask for a moon manicure. It’s like a French manicure, except that your whole nail is painted in one solid color — usually dark or bright — and the area along your nailbed is left natural or a light contrasting color. It’s definitely a fun yet conservative way to make a statement.

Not feeling the conservative look? Get a little daring, and play around with nail strips and various patterns.  Flowers, stripes, newspaper-patterned nails, glitter and colorful French manicures are all the rage and definitely taking the fashion industry by storm. Various models were seen sporting them on the runway during this year’s Fall Fashion Week.

You can also try the accent manicure, made fashionable by Vanessa Hudgens, consists of painting eight of your nails one dark or bright color, and the remaining two a different color, which is typically more demure. It’s a fun way to mix up an otherwise conventional look.

If you enjoy combining colors, try ombre nails, recently trending thanks to Lauren Conrad.

Pick five different colors within the same color scheme. Then, paint each nail with one of the colors; start with your thumb with the lightest color and finish with your pinky with the darkest shade. It gives a cool, gradual fading effect to your nails.

Remember the days of simple makeup and the standard rule of thumb, “less is more?” Those days are long gone!

As this coming season settles in, daring makeup can be a great combination with funky nails and extensions! The vampire-meets-pin-up-girl look is the look for this season; overdone eyes and bright lips are all the rage.

As nighttime plans and events start filling up your calendar, you’ll need a couple of new makeup looks. Start playing with your eyelashes! Pick up a pair of long false lashes. Apply them carefully on both top and bottom and load them up with mascara. This will cause your lashes to slightly clump, creating what is known as spider lashes. Complete the look with neutral eye shadow and bright red lips.

If you want heavy eye makeup, opt for the smoked wing look by surrounding your entire eye  as opposed to just the top lid. This is a fun and daring way to to bring attention to your eyes. Pair with nude lips to keep your makeup relatively simple. You can also add a wine red to create a seductive look.

Feeling rebellious? Instead of using black or grey shades, try metallic colors to recreate Fashion Week runway looks. If you’re a fan of eyeliner, especially liquid eyeliner, experiment with the thick winged look! It creates a pin-up look instantly, especially when paired with red lipstick.