Charges delivered to Pike

The Department of Judicial Affairs has delivered charges to Pi Kappa Alpha, which has been under investigation for several weeks. The fraternity, which is also known as Pike, has until Friday to respond.

“I am not able to provide more information at this time,” said  Anthony Lake, associate dean of students who is in charge of Greek organization affairs.

The charges may be connected to a Coral Gables police report filed Sept. 5 at approximately 1 a.m. Both Lake and Harrison Potak, president of Pike, declined to comment about this document.

According to the report, a 19-year-old female student was found unconscious near the bike racks at Pearson Residential College. Her eyes were “rolled back” and she had a “a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath.”

The officer had to apply three drops of ammonia in order to get the student to respond. Still, she “could not get up on her own” and did not “want to open her eyes.”

The student responded to the officer’s questions in a “weak and low tone of voice” and remained “on the grass with her eyes closed.”

According the report, the student said that she drank vodka and beer at an off-campus party hosted by Pike. She then stated that a man had driven her to the bike racks and dropped her off.

The student was eventually transported to Doctor’s Hospital.

According to UM’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, a student organization has 72 hours after receiving a notice of a charge to respond with either a request to dismiss the case, a statement that says it is responsible or not responsible for the charges (either would result in a disciplinary hearing), or a plea of no contest, which would subject the organization to any sanction by the dean’s office without the organization’s input.