Pi Kappa Alpha under investigation

Editor’s note: The online story has been changed from the original print version because the information given by the two unnamed sources could not be independently verified.

The University of Miami chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha is currently under investigation by university administration, according to the president of the fraternity.

Neither Harrison Potak, president of the fraternity commonly known as Pike, nor Anthony Lake, associate dean of students, will say what the investigation is about.

Lake, who is also director of judicial affairs, said he “cannot and will not comment on an open investigation.” He said the investigation could take several weeks.

“These are just allegations. No charges have been filed,” Potak said.

When asked about certain unsubstantiated rumors around campus, which include drugs and spiked drinks being served at fraternity parties, Potak said the “rumors are entirely false and have nothing to do with the allegations” under investigation.

A number of students have apparently also heard the rumors and some are rejecting them outright.

“I’ve been going to Pike events since freshman year and there has never been any issue with the punch; in fact, they usually make the punch out in the open where everyone can see,” sophomore Mahtab Forouzandeh said. “Anyone who is claiming there is something in the punch is obviously immature and doesn’t know their drinking limit. Also, the Pike brothers drink from the same punch bowl as the party-goers…”

For now, Pike has been told to cease and desist all official fraternity activities, including intramural sports, mixers and philanthropic events.

“We aren’t officially recognized by the university as a fraternity during the length of the investigation,” Potak said.

In the past 10 years, Pike has been investigated twice by the university.

According to a 2005 article in The Miami Hurricane, the fraternity was suspended for 30 days in March of that year because of alleged violations of the international fraternity policy and the university code of conduct, as well as financial delinquency to the national fraternity. In 2009, Pike was again under investigation because of an unregistered event that took place at a private residence.

In both cases, the fraternity was reinstated.