It’s my life

Entering the large air-conditioned Bank United Center (BUC) building was intimidating and relieving all at the same time. The relief came from the A/C hitting the students heated bodies, but each freshmen was nervous about their first day of orientation; wondering who they will meet, who there new friends would be, and what college would really be like. For some, college is what is seen in the movies with lots of parties and lots of hook-ups, for others college is just the next step in their education. College is truly different for every student, and what each freshman has to learn is that college truly is what you make it.

Many freshmen just want to experience everything in college, but they want that experience to be good. That’s why we have “” and other sites that show what teachers are like. People don’t like not knowing what they are in for. A student can go into a class with a neutral perspective, but every student knows that there teacher will either have a bad or good reputation. And although there is a chance that the student will become more nervous by finding out facts about their professor, the chance to feel better is worth the risk.

That is probably one of the best things about college students, they will take chances, make things more exciting. It’s easy to find things to do, interesting people to meet, and easy to find things to write about. In the ordinary 9-5 business world, a leaky fire hydrant could be news worthy, but in this college world something is always happening. With so many things happening
it is easy for students to pick and chose what they want to do and what they want to exclude from their lives, they get to have control for the first and for a lot, the last time in their lives.

What many people forget after college is that that life is what you make it to be. In college you can be a party person, a perfect student, a sports player, a newspaper writer, a “fill in the blank.” People in the 9-5 world forget that they have control of their life and they wish they were in college again because that was the only time in their life that they felt free. So after all the
speeches during orientation, after the advice given from Faculty, the one thing I hope for the class of 2015 is for them not to forget that it is your life and don’t let anyone else lead it for you.