A taste of Spain arrives in Midtown

Chefs at 100 Montaditos Cerveceria prepare a typical dish during the early dinner rush on Wednesday, March 30. Steven Levy // The Miami Hurrican

Everyone knows there are thousands of ways to make a sandwich.

While it is impossible for one restaurant to offer every combination, 100 Montaditos Cervecería comes pretty close. This Spanish import recently opened its first United States location in the Shops at Midtown and will soon service a second location in South Beach. Bringing Madrid to Miami, it offers tasty tapa-sized sandwiches and plenty of Spanish beverages all at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for tableside service, you will not find it here. Instead, at every seat is an overwhelmingly large menu, along with a notepad and pencil to personalize your order. Once you finally finish reading all 100 unique sandwich options, you pay at the cashier and within minutes your name is called to retrieve your food.

Grilled chicken, barbecue pulled pork and imported Spanish meats like ham lacón are all served in-between their “secret” Mediterranean bread that is baked to order.

On the side you can add French fries with four dipping sauces, Spanish olives, nuts and even an array of salads.

If you are in the mood for something sweet, opt for a combo featuring their chocolate spread with almonds, peanut butter, cream cheese or strawberry jam.

If you’re craving a taste of Spain, choose crispy Spanish brava potatoes and Montaditos 11 and 43- tortilla Española with aioli and serrano ham with iberic cheese. While we waited, my table shared a dish of olives and I sipped on a mixture of wine and Sierra Mist, also known as tinto de verano. While this might sound odd to some, they also pour out Clara, a refreshing mixture of draft beer and Sierra Mist served in a frosty mug. Believe it or not, both libations are Spanish staples. For the less audacious, they have plenty of soda, beer, wine and coffee options too.

With one bite of my Montadito 43, I was transported across the sea to Spain. The salty ham, tart cheese and crispy bread made for a simple yet satisfying combination. The great thing about these sandwiches being so small is you can try a wide variety without filling up. My second Montadito featuring the tortilla española did not disappoint, leading me to believe that even with 100 options, you cannot go wrong.

The price is reasonable: To begin with, no sandwich topping is more than $2.50, but it gets even better on Wednesdays when every sandwich is $1. On Fridays, beer buckets are 2 for 1, getting you 10 beers for only $10. Serving up a dizzying amount of options at a student-friendly price, this is a much welcome addition to Midtown.