Stockholm program offers multiple opportunities

STUDY ABROAD: Adib Cure (seated) and students gather to discuss city center plans and Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden, during the 2010 Summer I session. Courtesy Adib J. Cure

Being environmentally friendly is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle.

UM is offering several classes and programs to teach students how to be greener, including Going Green in Stockholm, a summer study abroad session in Sweden that runs from May 20 to June 12.

In Stockholm, students will have the opportunity to meet with experts on climate change, rising ocean levels, pollution levels and the work corporations are doing to diminish pollution, sewage and water treatment.

“The environment is always relating to all our lives no matter what happens, thus I believe that this trip content will help us in our lives,” said sophomore Yuri Suzuki, who is going on the trip.

Students will meet Inga Winkler, who researches human rights as they relate to water and sanitation, and Renee Anderson, who pushed manufacturers in India and other countries to reduce pollution and other actions that harm the environment.

“We’re planning to talk to environmental experts at Uppsala University on the pollution in the Baltic Sea and other environmental specialists at a center at the University of Stockholm,” said Joseph B. Treaster, professor and chair of the Knight Center at UM and a former New York Times correspondent, who is leading the trip. “We’ll be going to a neighborhood that was designed with the environment in mind and to a wilderness area where the air is so fresh your nose tingles.”

The session will earn students three or six credits in journalism or several other areas of study including international studies and ecosystems science and policy.

The cost of the trip is around $12,000, which includes tuition, accommodations and field trips.

Students should also expect to spend roughly $3,100 for airfare, meals, local transportation, a passport fee and personal expenses.

To apply, submit the application for UM courses abroad, found at to Allen Hall. The application must be signed by the instructor or have email approval. Treaster can be reached at