Band breaks barriers by merging cultures

Courtesy J.C. Mendez
Courtesy J.C. Mendez

When living in Miami it’s almost mandatory that everyone partake in a Hispanic culture of some sort. Though the Salsa and Merengue Clubs, Latin American restaurants and “cafesitos” are great, there is nothing quite like experiencing a fusion of the Hispanic heritage mixed with our very own American culture.

So, what do you get when you mix American music with Spanish lyrics? Avenida Zero, a fairly new Miami rock band that’s paving its way as one of the hottest local bands in South Florida.

The band, founded a mere six months ago, consists of Cuban-American Singer Lisa Abreu, Cuban bassist Raydel Fernandez and Uruguayan drummer Gabriel Beltran.

The four came together in late October to begin strategizing a creative way to make their dreams a reality. Their solution? To revolutionize the Spanish rock market by incorporating an American sound never heard before.

The band soon began working incessantly. Six out of seven days a week, they gathered together in Noriega’s studio at around 10 p.m. to collaborate, often working the whole night through.

Three months and several sleepless nights later, they created what they describe as a “fire” self-titled EP, Avenida Zero, that is sure to take the Americas by storm.

The sample album, consisting of six songs, has defined itself as the perfect post-break up album, walking the audience through what have proved to be the universal steps to moving on- pain, anger, resentment, shame, self-blame, apathy, acceptance and self-discovery.

And though the album is in Spanish, Abreu pours her heart and soul into these songs, transcending language barriers and delivering the powerful message of independence, self-reliance and female perseverance.

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