Alumnus creates innovative, safer condom with ‘handles’

The idea for Sensis condoms came to University of Miami alumnus Beau Thompson after what he could only describe as “one rough night.”

Latex condoms have remained largely the same in the last 50 years. With the modern world filled with technology and innovation, Thompson sought ways to introduce a new condom to the market.

In 2004, Thompson founded Grove Medical, which manufactures Sensis condoms with patented Quikstrips.

The Quikstrips are what set Sensis apart from their competition. Quikstrips are tabs placed on opposite sides of the condom that act as handles for easier application. This improvement ensures a safer sexual experience because users can apply the condom correctly the first time around.

“We are not your grandfather’s condom,” Thompson said. “We may have a gimmick but our gimmick is real. We are doing everything we can do to keep things responsible while maintaining pleasure.”

Thompson, who was raised in Coconut Grove, graduated from the University of Miami in 1989 with a B.A. in architecture and has worked as a general contractor.

While over two million Sensis condoms have been sold, Thompson’s goal is to control about 10 percent of the market share in four years. While this goal may seem lofty, Trojan, the industry giant, controls over 70 percent of the market share.

Thompson believes his product has an important niche in the marketplace.

“We are the condom to match your moment,” Thompson said.

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