Time to leave your routine behind

Are you annoyed with your day-to-day grind? I know it feels hard to break free from when you’re so busy on weekdays.However, do something different: this is what these four experimental years of debt accumulation are for.

I studied abroad last semester in Vienna impulsively as I just wanted to see another side of the world and be based in Central Europe, and it was the best 4 months of my life. I went from knowing mostly students imported from New York (not knocking… necessarily) to people from every corner of the globe and the only qualification for friendship was personality, not money, a new Louis Vuitton bag, or a few Greek let.. I’m kidding, I’ve exhausted the matter on that subject. It’s changed my outlook on life of enjoying it while you can because it’s about to get far worse when you enter the quicksand cycle of having a career, raising a family, getting old, and inevitably dying.

If study abroad isn’t an option, just do something different in general. It could be as simple and small as walking down a different path to get to class. Who knows maybe you’ll see some cute girls that have never crawled through your neck of the woods and might just turn that frown upside down. Or do you just feel negative in general and sluggish in thoughts? Go to the gym and do some cardio it’ll clear your head (and your arteries if you’ve been eating your feelings). I

f what you have going on isn’t working mentally, why hold yourself to a strict regiment of what should now be an ancient routine? What do you have to lose? If you hang out with people you can’t relate to or that you see as a chore to be around, move on. I have to admit, as an underclassman, atrophying in the dorms, being on Chartwells benders (it tastes like crap but it’s already in the financial equation), going to mostly the Grove and house parties, I wondered: this isn’t half bad, but when is it going to switch up, when will I feel alive already and escape the usual? It gets better, you just have to have patience and be open to things.

Evan Seaman is a senior majoring in marketing. He may be contacted at eseaman@themiamihurricane.com.