Details of SG’s plans in the works but vague

Student Government’s efforts continue as the end of the semester nears. With a to-do list that includes a mobile application and the redecoration of the UC, SG has plenty of work to do, but no definite details yet.
The smart phone app was an initiative that the previous administration led by senior Christina Farmer spearheaded. Currently, two students and administrators are testing an early version of the application on their cell phones to ensure that it runs smoothly. The app will include mobile access to myUM, UMail, WVUM, The Miami Hurricane and Hurricane sports.
“We want to make sure that every project will be done by the time next year’s new team will come around,” SG President Brandon Mitchell said.
A definite launch date has not been set for the app. SG representatives did not have a specific timeline for the launch and commented that it would be by the end of this month.
“It’s currently in beta testing,” SG Press Secretary Mike Piacentino said. “[We’re] making sure that it’s as ready as possible before it is officially released.”
The new administration is also working on its “Spirit the U” platform, which includes redecorating the UC.
When asked what specifically the redesign would entail, Mitchell said those details had not been determined, but he confirmed that SG is already meeting to plan the rennovation, which they hope will be completed in the fall.
“A committee has been set up through Dr. Richard Walker to work on UC renovations,” SG Vice President Ashley Taggart said. “We want a more spirited, comfortable area for students to hang out and/or study in.”
SG is also working on creating a more transparent organization whose sole mission is to serve and aid students, especially after a referendum was passed in the fall increasing the student activity fee by $1 to go toward SG.
“In the fall, we’re going to reach out to the students and students will know when we’re spending our money and how we’re spending our money,” Mitchell said.
Despite the previous administration’s impact, students remain apathetic about SG and its reach across campus.
“In my experience, I haven’t felt the direct impact of SG and, as with many elected positions, I think it’s really difficult to affect change,” sophomore Scott Joffe said. “So with a busy schedule, other things take priority over voting for UM SG.”

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