Dear V: Do I take the plunge and ask him out?

Dear V,

I am running out of time. I need to tell my sorority who my formal date is asap. But here’s my dilemma- I want to ask this guy to go with me who I only know from class and a whopping total of two study dates. Should I ask him? And if I do, and he says yes, do you think it’ll be really awkward? Help please.


Needs a shot of confidence

Dear Needs a Shot,

Take it from someone who knows a thing or two about sorority/fraternity date functions and the like: Dates can be the most random people ever. It always makes for a good laugh to see what people are going to show up with and it makes for even better the morning-after stories.

So I guess what I am trying to say is, if you want that hottie, then go and get him. You might as well. Asking someone to a sorority/fraternity function, at least what I can tell about them, seems to be much less of a big deal than it was to ask someone to prom. You are not asking homie to marry you; you are not even asking him to date you necessarily. He will probably be more than happy to spend the evening with a lovely young lady like you. Heck, he will see it as a chance to bump’n’grind with a hot girl, an opportunity I’m sure he will not pass up.

If anything, tell him that there’s free food, which is always a plus in a dude’s eyes.

Next time you are in class, casually bring up the weekend of your formal and see what he has on his plate. If he’s free then just do it! If the idea of doing it in class and in person is a little daunting then there’s nothing wrong with a little text action. Take it from a person who has asked someone out via text before.

It always works. It just does. It’s the law of nature.

They get all happy that you were thinking about them and make their and your day and blah, blah, blah. Now go on and do it already and let me know how it goes! Get sexed up for the night of your formal and have the best time. I’m sure it will give you guys something to talk about in class that Monday (wink, wink).

Have fun; be safe, but not too safe.

With love,