Star athlete shines off field

Lindsay Moore, co-captain of the women's lacrosse club team, runs down the field during the _________________________.
Lindsay Moore, co-captain of the women's lacrosse club team, runs down the field.

Racing down the IM fields on a sunny Saturday afternoon, junior Lindsay Moore quickly scoops the ball up into her lacrosse stick from the ground, sending dirt and grass flying into the air. As she rapidly dodges past opponents left and right, she fires the ball with only a few seconds left, scoring the winning goal for the UM women’s Lacrosse Club.

Moore began playing lacrosse the summer before she entered seventh grade. A dancer since she was young, this contact sport offered her a new outlet for physical activity. Upon starting UM as a freshman, Moore was uncertain about continuing lacrosse.

“I wasn’t sure I definitely wanted to play, but I saw it at CaneFest so I decided I would give it a try,” she said. “I went to practice for the first week, met some really awesome people and decided I had no choice but to stay.”

For the past two years Moore acted as club treasurer and since last spring as co-captain. Her sophomore year she was named team MVP along with being awarded the Southeastern Women’s Lacrosse League All-League Honors.

Moore’s hard work does not go unnoticed by her teammates.

“On the field, she is a leader and always has a positive attitude,” President Maddy Keese said. “Lindsay is one of those types of people that always puts you in a good mood because she constantly has a smile on her face!”

Kristen Avvento, the conditioning coach for the team, also praises Lindsay for her work on and off the field.

“She helps with a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that goes on including putting together our budget, attending meetings and making sure the girls get reimbursed for travel costs,” Avvento said. “On the team she also plays center, which is a crucial position in lacrosse because you play both sides of the field. It’s really important to have someone in that position who is willing to step up.”

On campus, Moore is also in the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA), where she participates in philanthropic and community service events. She has also kept her passion for dance alive by taking part in the many performances the sorority puts on each year.

Katie Sullivan, her little sister in ZTA, admires Moore for her loyalty.

“With all that she does, I know she will be there for me whenever I need her,” Sullivan explained. “She is one of my best friends and I can count on her for anything.”

Moore’s accomplishments as a UM undergraduate include her leadership on the club lacrosse team, winning first place in four O-Cheer dance competitions with ZTA and being a member of the Dean’s Dozen for the School of Education.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s been pretty hard balancing everything including Zeta Tau Alpha events, studying, and lacrosse,” Moore said. “But this has been a great team to be a part of and every minute has been really enjoyable.”

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