Letter to the Editor: Response to editorial on abortion (online only 4/4)

Reading the staff editorial on abortion last issue I couldn’t help but notice the Miami Hurricane’s omission of a very important word: baby. It goes without a saying that an abortion involves a tiny person, but seeing as they are the ones that get the bad end of deal, doesn’t that at least warrant a mention or consideration in the issue? I see how the abortion debate can be dominated by the preoccupation over women’s rights, but let’s not forget what abortion is really about: the murder of a baby.

Now, a lot of people will disagree with me here and get all technical in the definition of when precisely a fetus is considered a human life. Does it really matter though? I promise you that fetus is not going to turn into anything else but a human child. Kill the fetus; you’re killing the child, simple as that.

As for all the measure being taken to oblige women to take ultrasounds and have doctors go through ethics training, I highly doubt they’re being put in place with the intention of just being obstacles. Since abortion is an ethical question, both the patient and the doctor need educating before taking that drastic step. Any doctor that specializes in a kind of procedure needs more training than surgeons who don’t. It may not seem like the most ideal method, but since abortion is often seen as the solution to a mistake, steps need to be taken to avoid it being taken lightly. There are other options to abortion, the best one being giving the baby up for adoption, seeing as there are so many couples who wish they could have a baby and apparently so many women wishing to “assert their right to privacy.”

Now, I would also like to clarify and say that I understand sometimes abortion is the only choice. In cases when either the mother’s or baby’s life is at stake, or an actual medical need for it, of course it is probably the best solution. You can say I’m straddling the fence here, but I just don’t see things as simply black or white. I believe in women’s rights as much as the next girl, but I also believe there’s nothing wrong with being fully aware and educated on what we’re doing before we make the decision to end an innocent, human life.