Eisley takes new direction

“The Valley” reminisces on the familiar musicality and lyrics heard on Eisley’s past records. The mystical feel of “Room Noises” and the rock vibe on “Combinations” synergize to form Eisley’s third full-length album. However, the arrangements on this record surpass the group’s gloomy pop sound.

Although tracks like “The Valley,” “Kind” and “Mr. Moon” show the band is somewhat sticking to their roots, others such as “Smarter and Better Love” demonstrate the new direction the family quintet is taking.

The lyrics seem more mature and honest, maybe due to the hardships they have undergone as a family in the past few years. Sherri DuPree, a vocalist and guitarist in the band, endured a crumbling marriage with Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory in 2007.

The divorce inspired her sister and fellow band member, Stacy DuPree, to write the song “Ambulance.” The song is the most emotional on the album with powerful vocals and lyrics like, “Cause I was told to get out/Told to leave/Told I have my things in the parking lot.”

Smarter also focuses on a painful break-up. However, the song does not demonstrate the potential Eisley has shown in the past. On the other hand, Oxygen Mask and I Wish show off the group’s talent with a focus on simpler sounds, such as the piano throughout both tracks in addition to the violins in the background.

As opposed to their last album, The Valley shows Eisley going back to its roots, which should satisfy fans. Nevertheless, the maturity demonstrated in some of the tracks shows the band is growing up and taking a new direction.

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