Water Choices Forum

Not usually considered the world’s most valuable resource, this weekend’s Water Choices Forum will discuss the importance of water.

The University of Miami will host the second annual Florida Earth Foundation’s second Water Choices Forum on Monday, February 28 at 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Bank United Center Fieldhouse.

“Leaders and experts from all fields that deal with water want a place to draw on the best possible data, express their concerns and seek consensus. Our board has made these forums our 2011 priority,” said Ernest A. Cox, Florida Earth Foundation Board Chair.

Florida Earth Foundation’s mission is to bring awareness to the global water challenge. Discussions include consumption, quality and sources of water.

“Our job as future leaders is to engage in these kinds of discussions,” said Tyson Greaves, a graduate student at University of Miami.

The Water Choice Forum will have well known experts as main panelists who are Dr. Cameron Brooks, the director of Smarter Water Management at IBM, and Jeff Fulgham, GE water sustainability chief. The conference will have a diverse audience that will include water system managers, public officials, international experts, attorneys, engineers and students.

The Knight Center will show a part of its award-winning documentary on the world water crisis, One Water, at the conference.

“This conference is an opportunity to bring diverse perspectives to bear on the policy issues regarding appropriate criteria for allowable nutrient levels and allotment of water credits,” said Kenneth Broad, Abess Center director.

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The event will be streamed live online at: http://knight.miami.edu.

Register online at Floridaearthfoundation.org.

$100 for students and $195 for others

Includes networking session and a breakfast and lunch

First 150 students to sign up get in free.