Staff Editorial 2/24: Paint the town orange and green

As of Wednesday afternoon, a new generation of Student Government (SG) was elected to determine the future of the orange and green. The “Taking U Forward” team is ready to take those colors and paint spirit across campus.

The Miami Hurricane thinks that the most noteworthy of the new SG executive board’s platforms is its “Spirit the U” initiative. “Taking U Forward” has plans of instilling a sense of Hurricane pride in anyone, whether students or visitors, from the moment they step on campus.

“Taking U Forward” wants to begin this process with the improvement of the University Center. With white walls, old rugs and worn couches, the UC provides a not-so-comfy, unattractive second home to many commuters and students in between classes. The new SG proposes adding school colors and mascots to the boring UC to create a more spirited student lounge.

Among many other ideas, the team has intentions of organizing bigger and more fun pep rallies before athletic events with Category 5, as well as expanding Hurricane Force.  The newly elected president, vice president and treasurer want to make sure that every student is excited and aware of every game; it is important that students are as dedicated to rooting for their home team as the players are on the field.

We hope that “Taking U Forward” effectively promotes school spirit because of the lack of UM pride in recent generations. Living in a bustling city with a popular nightlife, being a college student can come second to being a Miami resident. Academics can be a secondary selling point to those considering our school.

Feeling a sense of pride in your school requires feeling comfortable and welcome by the school itself. With “Taking U Forward” leading SG next year, we can rest assured that the future of UM will finally display Hurricane spirit visually, resulting in a closer, more enthusiastic community of orange and green.

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