Vice Presidential candidates speak their minds at debate

(Left to Right) Sam Flanagan, Giselle Sardinas, Ashley Taggart.
(Left to Right) Sam Flanagan, Giselle Sardinas, Ashley Taggart.

The Student Government vice-presidential debate took place Tuesday in the University Center ballroom. Candidates were asked general questions that were created by the SG elections commission, as well as questions written by attendees that could be posed to specific candidates. Most of the questions pertained to the candidates’ past experience in SG, why they decided to run and their favorite platforms from their campaigns. Here are some of their responses:

Ashley Taggart: Every committee needs to have ownership over their projects and work as a group to accomplish things together. Jake, Brandon and I want to take Student Government forward and make sure every function is a collaboration and not just a bunch of separate branches.

Ashley Taggart: From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew it was my home. We want to help students love this school too. We want to take past successes forward and create an SG that is for the students, for the future and for the U.

Samantha Flanagan: We’re about every single student at the University of Miami. We’re experienced and that is one of our most important aspects because we can hit the ground running. We’re all regular students that are active in other organizations. We want to represent everyone and be true to U.

Samantha Flanagan: Michael and I are a partnership. These are ideas we have that together we are going to implement. Together, we’re a complete picture that together make up a complete ticket.

Giselle Sardinas: We want to get students involved in SG by having meetings once a month, opening a Facebook group and Web site, attending organization’s meeting and asking ideas, and advertising on WVUM. We want a lot of advertising. We already are involving people by going out and talking to people.

Giselle Sardinas: Our biggest obstacle is learning what you can and cannot improve upon and who you need talk to in order to try to accomplish everyone’s needs.