Rebellious Amanda Palmer delights again


FlickrAmanda Palmer’s new album, "Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under," launched Jan. 21 and is dedicated to her current tour in New Zealand and Australia. On the recent album release, Palmer dominates with live performances, covers and a few studio tracks. With her deep, almost manly voice, profound lyrics and exquisite musical ability, it’s no wonder why her second solo album is a total sensation.

After the release of her first solo album in 2008, “Who Killed Amanda Palmer,” Palmer created a fan base by taking advantage of social networks. Now, with 85,676 Facebook followers and 474,087 on Twitter, her fans embrace her eclectic style and interesting albums that stray from conventionality. With a mix of ukulele-assisted electric pop and a beautiful and moving piano arrangement, “Amanda Palmer Goes Under” is unlike typical CDs. With a hint of a Bjork feel combined with Regina Spektor melodies and musical formulas, Palmer presents an enjoyable album that lets the listener escape into a world of simplistic musical arrangements and daring lyrics.

Though Palmer emits a sense of fun in her work in collaborations with Tom Dickens of The James Austen Arrangement and Mikelangelo of The Black Sea Gentlemen, her music is definitely an acquired taste; it may turn off some listeners with its experimental structure and lyrics that can be perceived as “a little too out there.” Still, Palmer’s songs present a new experience that every listener is likely to enjoy. Her lyrics alone make the songs worth listening to as she discusses unconventional topics such as pubic hair grooming habits in “Map of Tasmania” or the struggles of love that result in running away to Australia, an experience described in her ballad “Australia.”

Overall, Palmer’s talent is undeniable and “Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under” is an entertaining album, particularly if in the mood for something a little daring, rebellious and eccentric. The album can be downloaded for 69 cents at

Edyna Garcia may be contacted at

Edyna Garcia may be contacted at