The Pretty Reckless’ new album is average


“Gossip Girl’s” 17-year old Taylor Momsen should focus less on her rock n’roll image and more on her music when it comes to her band, The Pretty Reckless.

Although there are commendable tracks on the band’s debut album Light Me Up, the lyrics to certain songs are subpar compared to the impressive lyrics on other tracks. However, these forgettable songs should not take away from Momsen’s vocal ability.
Consider “Light Me Up” a roller coaster with twists and turns ranging fromdrug overdoses to murder. The album commences with Momsen claiming “somebody mixed [her] medicine,” alluding to someone mixing roofies inher drink. The song goes on to reference “The Hangover” with the lyrics “There’s a tiger in the room and a baby in the closet.”
“Make Me Wanna Die,” the band’s first single, sounds like it belongs on the Twilight soundtrack. That’s probably the last thing Momsen wants to hear, but with lyrics like “I’m burning in the light” and “Taste me, drink my soul,” she was asking for it.
Mid-way through the album is “Zombie,” probably the weakest track on the record. With similar lyrics to “Light Me Up,” the song just does not show much variation from the rest of the album.
Perhaps the most controversial track is “Goin’ Down,” where Momsen sings about murdering her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. The twist is she is confessingher sins to a priest, while trying to seduce him…creative yet bizarre.
The last few tracks on the record are the simplest and finest of thealbum. “Nothing Left to Lose” and “You” are musically and lyrically the mostimpressive. With lyrics like “Lost between Elvis and suicide/ever since the daywe died/well, I’ve got nothing left to lose,” “Nothing Left to Lose” demonstrates the band’s potential.
“You” is refreshing, considering it’s the only acoustic song onthe rock album. Although the lyrics are simple, the track is the most genuine and relatable on the record.
So far, Momsen’s wannabe rock-star persona has attracted much attention. However, if she wants to be taken as a serious musician, she should probably get  her act together.
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Light Me Up

2.5/5 stars

Release Date: Feb. 8

Label: Interscope Records