Kill-A-Watt promotes efficiency

Residents of University Village are getting the opportunity to monitor and reduce their carbon footprints.

A pilot program named Kill-A-Watt is coming to UM. Coupled with GreenU initiatives, it will provide students living at the UV with incentives to monitor their energy use and establish more energy-efficient lifestyles.

Senior Sean Ahearn, vice president of Kill-A-Watt, is currently working with Ian McKeown, GreenU sustainability coordinator, to facilitate the program.

“The overall goal is to create greater citizens of Earth,” Ahearn said.

Every month, UV residents who participate in the Kill-A-Watt competition will receive a free energy statement and they will be provided with tips on how to save energy, which in turn will lower their bill.

“The building that saves the most will get a pizza party,” Ahearn said. “Then individuals from that building will get a chance to receive other great prizes.”

The Kill-A-Watt Program can already be found at various educational institutions in the state of Florida, including Florida International University and University of Central Florida. Both schools have reportedly saved thousands of dollars on their energy bills each semester. The program is looking to expand onto other campuses, including the University of Florida.

“We’re looking to get this energy program started this semester,” McKeown said.

The launch date has yet to be determined, but many students living in the UV are excited about the prospects of reducing their carbon footprints.

“Saving energy is important to me and I think it’s great that so many people on campus care,” said junior Arthur Affleck, a UV resident.

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