Starting the spring semester

Ah, it’s spring term, the one time you don’t start off the semester with swamp-ass in excruciating heat, and all the hassle of moving in (unless you were abroad).

You can coast along because you already know the ropes and you can also have a more relaxing and questionably fast wrap-up to the academic year. It’s sad that football season is over, but that doesn’t mean the partying or the energy have to stop. Make the most of this wonderful school and its surrounding nightlife opportunities, because who knows when you’ll have an excuse to live in Miami again.

Best of all, you can brag with photo uploads of Key Biscayne to your friends, who across the country (with exception to arid Arizona and parts of California) are freezing their asses off and still have to trudge through classes. Sometimes it’s easy to forget this and just assume everyone else has it as well as you. Even on your worst day, it’s a little less of a blow when you remember you’re walking around a resort-like campus, taking in the beautiful view on the lake or just scoping some beautiful women at UM.

So, you are a last semester senior and aren’t sure where you’re going with things exactly afterwards i.e. a career path? Talk to some of your friends and the people around you; I’m sure they have similar concerns if they’re honest and open about it- myself included. Go to career fairs to try to figure out that question, but don’t be underwhelmed if they don’t hook, line and sink you a job.

Whatever you are experiencing, positive or negative, I’m sure you are not alone nor the first. Furthermore, it is key to do whatever makes you happy and keep with it. For example, if someone doesn’t see the point in Greek life but you still love it, don’t stop being involved. Or if I, hypothetically, think Segway patrol people are goofy, but still enjoy the gratification that comes with the position, then keep on riding.

Evan Seaman is a senior majoring in marketing. He may be contacted at