Silent partying to occur at Richter

Students enjoy last year's silent dance party flash mob at midnight before finals. (photo courtsey of
Students enjoy last year's silent dance party flash mob at midnight before finals. (photo courtsey of

Though the Richter library sees plenty of students come through its doors, most are there to work- or at least pretend to work while browsing Facebook.

But at midnight next Wednesday, students will put down their books and boogie for a few hours at the second annual Silent Dance Party.

Junior Michael Salazar is the head of the event, which premiered last semester during finals week. Salazar stressed that the party will be much different this time.

“Last year it was scheduled for five minutes,” he said. This year, the party has been extended to 15 minutes.

The dance party will take place on the first and second floors of the library starting at midnight. Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA) will be providing coffee and food for the party, which already has about 1,500 potential attendees on its Facebook event page before Thanksgiving break.

According to the page, students who want to participate should bring their own iPods, MP3 players and headphones. Students are also encouraged to wear Santa hats and arrive early to ensure that they have a prime spot at the event.

Sophomore Michelle Penkrot remembers how much fun the first party was and plans on being there for the second one.

“Everyone came to the library and at about midnight people started dancing,” she said. “The whole first floor was packed with people.”

Another difference in this year’s event is the addition of a VIP section. Salazar invited UM groups GAMMA and UR Awesome, as well as assorted friends and Silent Dance Party event coordinators, to join him at a special VIP room.

Sophomore Katie Morrison is planning on attending the party because of the publicity from last year’s event.

“I saw a whole bunch of Facebook videos from people who went, and it looked fun,” she said.

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