Profile: Jane Pryjmak, chair of Hurricane Productions

It’s Tuesday and Jane Pryjmak has an action-packed day ahead of her.

After her morning and early afternoon classes, Pryjmak has a 3 p.m. meeting with the Hurricane Productions (HP) adviser. Later, she will spend the rest of the afternoon in her office responding to e-mails, answering phone calls and planning and promoting upcoming HP events. Later at 8:15 p.m., Pryjmak will head over to the Rat for a weekly staff meeting with the crew of HP.

Pryjmak is busy coordinating events for the University of Miami’s student-run entertainment group, HP.

A senior majoring in environmental science and political science, Pryjmak has been involved with HP since her freshmen year. Today, she is the organization’s chair.

As chair, Pryjmak is responsible for handling internal affairs, such as communication within the HP umbrella including Patio Jams, QuantUM, Canes Night Live, Rathskeller Advisory Board, Cinematic Arts Commission, concerts and special events, as well as external affairs, such as dealing with talent agents and sponsors.

“I see the bigger picture and always know what’s going on” Pryjmak said.

Aside from carrying out HP’s internal and external affairs, Pryjmak was also a student leader in the Programming Workshop for Student Leadership where she taught other organizations how to organize and promote events on campus.

“After the workshop, a number of organizations approached me asking for my help and advice in planning events,” Pryjmak said. “It has been one of my greatest and most rewarding accomplishments, having the opportunity to help other students. It was a way for me to share my expertise.”

Pryjmak was selected as HP chair by the organization’s former adviser and chair after filling out an application and undergoing an interview.

She enjoys her position because she is able to help out the student body in a more dynamic way.

“I have always loved HP and wanted an opportunity to contribute to UM,” Pryjmak said.

Joshua Brandfon, the faculty adviser for HP, said that Pryjmak has shown great leadership and responsibility.

“Jane is a great leader and supporter. She is always providing ideas and attending events,” he said. “She is doing a great job.”

Although Pryjmak‘s major does not pertain to the arts, she has always been involved with performing arts and has always loved theater. This past summer, Pryjmak interned with a theater group that dedicates its work to social justice, where she performed acts that raise awareness on social issues. She also recently had a role in QuantUM’s performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Alexander Gonzalez, chair of QuantUM, said that Pryjmak, last year’s QuantUM chair, was very helpful in getting him adjusted to his new position.

“She was willing to help and quick to respond,” Gonzalez said. “It was easy getting used to being QuantUM chair because of Jane’s help and experience.”

Apart from working as HP chair, Pryjmak is in her third year as a Residential Assistant at Pearson Residential College and is an Alumni Ambassador at UM.

With only a semester left at UM, Pryjmak aspires to work for an environmental non-profit organization, move to San Francisco or travel the world.

“The possibility of working with entertainment is out there, but right now, the entire world is open,” she said.

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