Staff Editorial 11/18

Trojan Brand Condoms released its fifth annual Sexual Health Report Card last month, placing UM 56th among 141 schools across the country.

Rather than taking into account the students who are not using condoms with random strangers and the students who are not using condoms with long-term exclusive partners, the study instead evaluated each school in 13 categories including how much access students have to contraceptives, health center hours of operation and sexual awareness programs.

However, how reliable and accurate are these rankings? By college, everyone knows that it’s safer to use a condom and no amount of education and resources can change that.

Although UM was ranked No. 56 in this questionable study, we should be proud to know that we have moved up from No. 68 in 2009’s Sexual Health Report Card. UM has done an excellent job providing students with plenty of opportunities to ask questions about sex.

For example, UM provides students with “Ask a Sexologist” seminars in Stanford and Hecht Residential Colleges. Also, The Miami Hurricane’s “Dear V” serves as a sexual online resource, giving students the option to submit sexual health questions anonymously rather than going to the health center.

Last year UM’s health center has made efforts to update their Web site to include helpful resources for students and more information about contraception.

Remember, it’s surely not the health center’s responsibility and school’s duty to remind us to use protection. Go to the health center, take advantage of its resources. Despite what a silly annual ranking says, we believe UM’s campus health services and sexual health education programs successfully meet the needs of those who seek them out.

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